Day Habilitation Services

Thank You to our Day Habilitation DSPs

Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation Program is about promoting independence and support for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities. This program is available to people living in our 3 county coverage area. You can find our day habilitation program at 3 of our facilities or out in the community:

  • Volunteering for local charities and churches.
  • Enjoying our local parks
  • Shopping
  • Eating at local restaurants

COVID-19 Update

Dear Family Member or Caregiver:

ACHIEVE is able to reopen day programs based on the guidance provided by OPWDD, our intended Phase 1 reopening start date is August 3rd, 2020. ACHIEVE has developed a safety plan for reopening its day programs which addresses all requirements contained in the OPWDD guidance and the Agency’s NY Forward Safety Plan. In addition, we’ve developed a “Returning to Day Habilitation” video which features some of the changes put into place at our Day Habilitation locations. While we are excited to start the return of individuals to programming, our upmost priority is the health and safety of individuals served and staff members. We thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times.

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