Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month, initiated by the Staff Appreciation Committee, is a way to recognize and award nominated staff members for the hard work and dedication they provide every day. Each employee of the month receives a private parking spot at every prime location at ACHIEVE, a gift basket including many ACHIEVE logo items, additional paid time off, and recognition throughout the agency for the month!

December 2019

Matthew Blazey

Senior Division Manager


No matter how much Matt has on his plate, he remains upbeat and professional. He will make time to talk with you both about work and personal concerns. During our recent staffing crisis, Matt took the lead and spent countless hours conducting interviews and necessary paperwork to get qualified applicants in the door, which in turn took a great deal of pressure off the Program Mangers and tremendously helped with scheduling both in residential and Day Hab. Matt is always willing to help out when needed, either to work out of an IRA or simply to stop by and check on staff. Matt goes above and beyond to make that personal connection with staff.

Our Program Managers often state that they would not be the manager they today if they had not been under his leadership. Matt is beyond knowledgeable of any matters pertaining to residential or Day Hab. Matt is deserving of this award because of the caring, compassionate, hard-working man that just makes him who he is as a person.

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