Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month, initiated by the Staff Appreciation Committee, is a way to recognize and award nominated staff members for the hard work and dedication they provide every day. Each employee of the month receives a private parking spot at every prime location at ACHIEVE, a gift basket including many ACHIEVE logo items, additional paid time off, and recognition throughout the agency for the month!

March 2020

Loretta Kinner

Program Manager


There are many reasons Loretta is deserving of this recognition. For one, she always goes above and beyond, not only for the, but also for those that work under her. Loretta never asks anyone to do anything that she herself wouldn’t do. She’s the first one to help out and work alongside you, leaving her own work to the wayside.

Loretta makes time for you no matter what, whether it’s for personal reasons or be it work related. She doesn’t pass judgment and ensures that you feel supported. Loretta demonstrates great commitment not only to ACHIEVE but to the individuals. She’s a positive role model and very rarely gets discouraged. Loretta has handled very many tough situations at the IRA’s and works well with the individuals involved along with their families to get things remedied accordingly.

Often times, Loretta will call the IRA or stop in to check on everyone and make sure that things are okay and not even be working at that time. Loretta is a vast of knowledge and is always willing to teach and train new things. I personally have learned so much from her and am truly thankful and appreciative.

During the month of January, Helen street went through a rough time with losing a dear sweet friend. Loretta was our rock through it all. From telling the house that their dear friend was very ill and to keep her in their prayers, taking the lead and planning the funeral, and checking in on every single staff member to ensure they were okay, Loretta was there.

Her heart is in her work and with each individual we care for. I can say Loretta isn’t in this job just for a paycheck, but she’s in it for the caring compassion she shows to each and every one she touches. Loretta is one in a million and a hard one to every replace.


Loretta is very thankful for this recognition, as she knows there are many awesome employees at ACHIEVE who are deserving of the recognition too.

Loretta has been with Achieve for almost 10 years starting as Residence Aide, and has been in her current role as a Program Manager for just over 5 years. Loretta has 3 children and 3 grandchildren who all keep her very busy outside of work.

She enjoys coming to work everyday and being greeted by the individual’s smiles. The individuals are her number one priority and she has, and continues to try her best to keep their wishes/dreams in mind and fulfilled. Loretta loves seeing the accomplishments each of them make and strive for; and also seeing them overcome many obstacles. She would not be able to do her job without the support of all of her co-workers and the support from management/administration personnel.

Loretta has many memories at ACHIEVE and each one she holds dear to her heart.

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