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Many voices speaking in unison can have huge impacts and make differences in the lives of those with IDD.

2023 Advocacy Focuses

Membership provides our agency the ability to advocate legislatively at the state and national levels. As we move forward, our agency continues to use our voice to face challenges head-on. By having our largest Membership in ACHIEVE history, our advocacy efforts with legislative and government officials will have the biggest impact ever.

This year, advocacy is focused on many issues including:

Building on last year’s 5.4% Cost-of-Living Adjustment in the state budget with an 8.5% Adjustment in the 2024 budget.
 Establishing a new $4,000 Direct Support Professional Wage Enhancement
 Increasing the average pay for eligible IDD staff by approximately $2.19/hour annually

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Questions about Membership can be directed to Raffe Morehead at or 607-723-8361


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