August 2019

Veronica Hernandez

Program Manager


Veronica’s drive to want better for the individuals served shows through the work she does. She goes above and beyond to ensure her individuals wants and needs are met. Veronica recently received a Program Manager position in the Residential Program, and her hard work and dedication to the company shines through her personality. Veronica is what staff think of when they need a great example of how a caring Residential Aide should be. Her paperwork is pristine, her attitude is always positive, and is an amazing team worker.


Veronica started off as a Residential Aide in Tioga County. She loved going out to dinner with those that she served. She said that it’s nice that we get to have so much fun and be around so many great people. Veronica would always get positive notes from her Program Manager, Amantha Powell. This constant encouragement sparked Veronica’s interest in becoming a manager herself one day. After transitioning to a house in Broome, Program Manager Sarah Miller and Division Manager Karl Jantz encouraged Veronica to apply for a Program Manager position, as they both saw something in her that she did not see in herself. With their support, she is now serving as a Program Manager at a house in Broome. She is thankful for the support she now has from her direct supervisor, Matthew Blazey, Senior Division Manager.

Outside of work, Veronica loves spending time with her family, especially her daughter Aubrey, as she has made life a little bit sweeter. Veronica prays that one day Aubrey will find a job that fulfills her happiness like ACHIEVE has done for herself.