September 2019

Brittinee Quillan

Assistant Residence Manager


Brittinee Quillan is not only dedicated and hardworking, but regardless of what she has going on in her personal life, she strives to keep the residents she serves at the top of her priority list. She remains flexible, constantly picking up extra shifts and covering for call outs, and does so with a smile on her face. She is eager to learn and grow within the agency, consistently asking to take on more responsibility. She uses her creativity and awesome rapport with the individuals to ensure that they live a more meaningful life. Brittinee is one of the key components to the Fowlston team and the residents we serve. She isn’t just an employee of the month, she’s a year round rock star! ACHIEVE is very lucky to have her, as her compassion, empathy and dedication to the individuals have helped to make this residence a home for some that never knew what having family could feel like. Because of Brittinee’s hand to hold, someone went to the dentist without restraints and a third staff. Because of Brittinee’s encouragement, someone learned to tie their shoes. The love and dedication she shows the individual’s is more than reciprocated. The Fowlston team is what it is, because it’s made up of phenomenal staff like Brittinee. There aren’t enough words to express our appreciation for Brittinee.