June 2020

Katie Huston

Program Manager


When I think of someone who is absolutely selfless, I think of Katie. Katie gave up her life, her health, and her responsibilities, to not work at her own IRA and come work at a COVID positive IRA. Katie is the definition of #ACHIEVEStrong. She is the meaning of WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Katie is not only a great leader herself but she is professional, supportive, and generous when it comes to the individuals we serve. She has taught me that as long as you put the individual’s health and safety first, everything else will fall into place. I have never met someone so invested in helping others like Katie.

During a really rough week, she has taught me about building up a team and things I can do to improve my own IRA. She has treated the individuals with so much respect and kindness while they are recovering from COVID. Katie was strong when I need a shoulder to cry on and she was there when I needed something funny to get us through the week. The day we found out there were more cases at the IRA, my heart broke but Katie was right there giving support to the individuals and myself. Katie deserves to be recognized for not only risking her health but for choosing to step in when others have stepped out. I will forever be grateful for a peer like Katie and always remember what she did for the individuals and myself.