July 2020

Sue Benjamin

Day Habilitation Support Specialist


One of the biggest reasons for Chenango Day Habilitation’s success is the fact that we have Sue Benjamin on our team. Sue always puts ACHIEVE staff and individuals above herself and has a great rapport with everyone she is in contact with. Sue is willing to help anyone with learning vital skills for their jobs and provides little hints on how to develop relationships with those we support. Sue is always the first to volunteer for additional duties, committees, events, securing donations, and whenever help is needed. Aside from being a phenomenal staff member, she constantly invests her personal time to help ACHIEVE with various events. Sue is a proud member of the Staff Appreciation Committee and is always finding different ways to make sure all the employees in Norwich feel valued.

Since the start of the pandemic, Sue has been coordinating and helping with the delivery of food and supplies to the IRAs who have sheltered in place. She has also maintained contact with all the families from Day Habilitation to ensure that they are doing well and do not need anything. Sue herself has bought items and delivered them to families in need. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the houses have all the things that they need. Anything that has been needed she has done, without question. She is a tremendous asset to this organization and deserves all the recognition for all the things she does, especially behind the scenes.