August 2020

Courtney Sarpriacone

Program Manager


Since the start of the pandemic, many of our staff went above and beyond to ensure we were providing the best services to our individuals – including Courtney Sarpriacone. During this time we were trying to be innovative and provide services in new and different ways to the individuals served. With Day Hab being closed, there were many individuals that were left without any daytime services, and we quickly took action to ensure those that needed services could get them. While we were able to provide Comm Hab to people that previously had not received the service, a lot of work needed to be completed to ensure services were done accurately.

Courtney jumped right in to assist with all of the needed documentation, staffing, schedules, and trainings for staff in order to start providing Comm Hab services. Her help was instrumental in the success of starting Comm Hab services for these individuals. Courtney worked alongside others within the Comm Hab department and was always there to make sure all operations went smoothly. You could easily tell that the interests of the individuals were always in Courtney’s heart and she gave it her all to make sure those she cares for dearly were taking care of during such unprecedented times.