September 2020

Shawna Chesebro

Residence Manager


Shawna demonstrated strong leadership skills that foster a positive and holistic approached environment for the individuals that we serve. Shawna has compassion and love for the field, starting her work for Arc right out of high-school and has always had a passion for helping others. Shawna has distinguished herself as an incredible leader at the Fowlston IRA and various other IRAs in the past. This past year through her leadership, her team was nominated for Employee Group of Year for their excellence in care that they provide to the residents at the IRA. Shawna Chesebro is not only a wonderful manager but, a great person inside and out.

She has a pure heart, so working in this field comes natural for her. She is so calm and does wonderful when working with the individuals. Shawna goes above and beyond for her staff and individuals and never fails to make you feel appreciated. If you need something, Shawna is so easy to talk to and she never passes judgement. Shawna maintains a calm and professional demeanor, but also knows when it’s time to make someone laugh. Shawna has made working at the Fowlston house an amazing experience and I am thankful that she is our manager. Her strong work ethic has certainly formed Fowlston into the home it is today.

I can truly say I look forward to coming to work every single day, and it’s because of her leadership. Some people say that it is hard to get along with your boss, I can honestly say that speaking for the staff here, it couldn’t be easier. We all have a great respect for Shawna and truly believe that she is a deserving candidate of Employee of the Month.