January 2019

Jean Curry

Residence Aide


Jean Curry has committed her service to ACHIEVE for more than 17 loyal years. Jean has worked at various levels in the Residential Department. She is a veteran staff who is always willing to pass her unrivaled amount of wisdom on to all; but is very open and quick to learn new policies and procedures. She is very beloved by all staff and individuals. The folks we serve light up when she enters a room. Her quality of work, love for what she does, and professionalism surpasses all. Jean strongly believes in ACHEVE’s mission and carries it with pride through all the work she does. Jean put in 100% each and every day.  She takes all complaints and concerns of individuals seriously and comes up with out of the box solutions. I had the pleasure to work with Jean for over a year and I would not be where I am today had I not had the chance to work with such a bright and wonderful person. Although I had been her supervisor, she was truly my mentor. She is a prime example of what all of our staff should strive to be.


Jean has worked for the agency for almost 18 years. When Jean leaves her shift, she feels good knowing that everyone is well and safe.

Jean loves her job and says that it is an honor to be recognized as Employee of the Month. She thanks ACHIEVE for all the training she has received, and wants to give credit to her co-staff for the time spend training her so well. Along with the training she has received, she lives and governs her life by the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

Jean knows that if everyone does the best job, they can and will continue to ACHIEVE. Jean says “our name ACHIEVE, is a constant reminder that we are trying to do our very best”.