Guardianship Services

The Guardianship Program is a service for individuals who require assistance in making decisions or managing their affairs when other family members are not able or willing to do so.

Through NYSARC, Inc.’s Corporate Guardianship Program, ACHIEVE may serve as guardian, stand-by guardian, or alternate stand-by guardian to ensure that an individual has assistance with making critical decisions in areas related to healthcare, housing, day programs, or recreation.

The Guardianship Program also provides information, referral, and technical assistance to families who are interested in establishing legal guardianship.

For more information on Guardianship Services, please contact Eric Yetter, Guardianship Coordinator, at 607.723.8361 or via email.


You can also visit the NYSARC, Inc. Corporate Guardianship Program website here.

For assistance in filling out Guardianship Documents, a helpful family resource can be found here.