Vocational Services

At ACHIEVE, we don’t just help individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities get a job – we help them develop a career. It’s a key part of a fulfilling life:

  • We start with a complete vocational assessment, to find not only a person’s skills, but interests, and how to match the two to an appropriate career.
  • We continue with complete on-site training, to make sure your loved one has what it takes to succeed in the workplace.
  • We offer an on-site packaging and assembly service through Country Valley Industries and CWS Packaging to help us closely monitor workers while still providing good, useful service to businesses.
  • We extend the success with our work teams, where groups of our employees will provide services to community businesses – from clerical work, to food service, to custodial, assembly or more. They work under our close supervision, but in a community setting.
  • We give them the greatest access to success with our supported employment program, where they’ll hold a job directly with a community employer but with support and advocacy from ACHIEVE.