Speaker's Bureau

One of ACHIEVE’s strategic goals is to improve community awareness and inclusion efforts through the use of positive story-telling. In order to accomplish this, a Speaker’s Bureau was created. The mission of the Speaker’s Bureau is to educate the public on the challenges and triumphs of living and working with a disability by providing an open forum and a means in which the individuals we serve can tell their story. Their stories often include inspirational topics like the success and personal fulfillment they’ve experienced at work, how much they enjoy the group home atmosphere and the freedom that it brings, or how thankful they are to have ACHIEVE staff to support them in their lives.

The Speaker’s Bureau is comprised of staff and individuals in various programs and since May of 2011, the Speaker’s Bureau has spoken at numerous civic organizations. Darryl Jenson, Kiwanis Club Board Member stated, “The speakers were amazing and we were so impressed by their community and workshop employment success. Their stories made us realize we should support ACHIEVE in their efforts. What a great program!”

If you are interested in having the Speaker’s Bureau present to your service organization, school, or other event, please contact Robyn Callaway at 607.797.8160 or via email.